Half marathon training – week 4

Here’s my training report for the week of Monday, October 9th. Spoiler alert: I had an excellent week!

It was race week! I’ve already posted my race recap for the Turkey Trot I ran on Monday.

Oh boy, did my routine suffer this week. Long weekend, a race on a Monday, and still getting over my cold. I’m not too mad at it since I still haven’t decided on a time goal for my half. I’ll get back to normal next week for sure. I’m looking forward to the routine.


Plan: Rest

Actual: Granville Island Turkey Trot race! [10.1 km]


Plan: Easy 30-45 min run

Actual: Rest


Plan: November Project

Actual: November Project. I didn’t use my Garmin, I tracked it as HIIT with my Apple Watch instead so I don’t have a distance to record. Other NPers’ posts on Strava say we ran about 3 km total. We ran around for an hour between stations where we did lunges, planks, squats, and sprints. It was a GREAT workout, and I won the Positivity Award for the week!! What?!

Me being presented with the Positivity Award in the pouring rain. Look at this attractive bunch of badasses!


Plan: 50 – 1 hr 10 min – cruise intervals

Actual: Rest. I wish I’d at least done yoga but I was wiped.


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest


Plan: 30-45 min easy run

Actual: Lululemon Ghost Run with November Project [8.3 km]. I’d planned to run it easy but my new friend Katie from NP pushed me to a comfortably uncomfortable pace. We averaged 5:57/km. I felt like throwing up at the end but didn’t!


Plan: 1 hr 20 min to 1 hr 30 min long run with 20 min kick at the end.

Actual: [13.5 km] on a BEAUTIFUL day. I haven’t actually done a long run in a few weeks, but my easy pace seems to be getting a bit faster.


Total distance: 34.9 km

I need a shower and a burger right now!


What’s your go-to post-run food?

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