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Race recap: Granville Island Turkey Trot

Happy Friday the 13th! Here’s a race recap of my first ever Granville Island Turkey Trot which I ran on Monday, October 9th, Canadian Thanksgiving.

I made a goal to get my first sub-60 on this course, but there were too many things working against it. Halfway through I decided to just have fun, and I stopped to take some photos and took some time to appreciate the many great turkey costumes.img_6431The course was mostly flat, but I was just coming off of a cold, just coming off of a vacation (where there was poor sleep, poor diet, LOTS of walking every day), and just coming off of stuffing myself full of Thanksgiving dinner the night before.

I didn’t get my sub-60….this time.

Fun was had, though. Lots of fun.

I took the bus to get me a few kilometres from the start line and then jogged the rest of the way to warm up. I am usually awake pretty early, but not outdoors. I love races for getting me up and out of the house. I got to see a pretty wicked sunrise!

I mean, come ON!!

I got to the start line way earlier than I ever had for any race before. Since I was just getting back from my trip I didn’t have a chance to pick up my race bib. This was my first time picking it up the morning of a race and I trusted them when they said I should arrive an hour before the race if I wanted to pick up my bib AND check my gear. I was way too early! I basically warmed up for no reason. It was so cold and I had so much time to kill that I ended up FREEZING by the time we started.

I met up with some of my November Project tribe as we were leading 2000 runners in their warm-up! That was nerve-wracking. I actually didn’t plan to do it. But I was hanging around with them before as they were discussing what moves they were going to do and I just went along with them. I do NOT do well in front of a crowd, but having my people there with me gave me courage.

Photo credit: Vivian Davidson. I am a terrible jumper! We tried this three times and every time I jumped too early.

After the warm-up and some high-fives we slotted ourselves into our corrals, and a couple of minutes later we were off! The course was mostly following the False Creek Seawall, which is nice and flat. It went up and over the Burrard Bridge near the start, and it was really nice to get the one hill out of the way early. Too many races end on an uphill and that’s just mean!

Up and over the Burrard Bridge!

img_6460The only downside to the course is that there were quite a few narrow spots creating a bottleneck, this included the finish line, where I was trapped behind four people across so I wasn’t able to give it my all at the end of the race. Quite disappointing actually.

But with the spirit of fun on my side, I smiled when I was given my medal by a sweet little boy, even though smiling resulted in the medal hitting my front tooth pretty hard! My tooth is OK, though I kept checking it with my tongue to be sure, and I thought I tasted blood at one point…

The Brooks Ghost 9s are working out pretty well for me so far!


They were kind enough to put coffee carafes along the lineup for the food so you could have something while you waited. That was a great touch! The food line moved quite quickly, and they had the usual suspects plus chilli! I wasn’t hungry enough to try the chilli, but I enjoyed a mini Clif bar, an orange juice box, and an apple. They also had mini bags of chips which I’d never seen at a race before. I ran into a couple of NP friends near the gear check and we chatted until I could no longer take the cold. High-fives and congrats and I was on my way home, smiling the whole way!

I had a bit of a walk to get to my bus, and while I was walking a lady saw my medal and gave me congrats. How sweet is that? 🙂

Overall I’m not sure I would run this again. If so, I wouldn’t try to race it, but I’d treat it as a fun long run. I was happy that they chose the Greater Vancouver Food Bank as their charity, though. Such an important cause. ❤

Edit: Oh, I completely forgot to include my finish time! 1:05:50 

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