November Project Vancouver Positivity Award

Winning awards on Wednesday

I used to be scared of them while aspiring to be one of them. Then one day I just showed up. These people are great I thought, but for some reason, every now and then I would still get anxiety that would keep me from joining them for a workout. When asked, I would have some sort of excuse ready, when the truth was I’d have got up with my alarm at 4:30 am and got dressed and ready to head out to Queen Elizabeth Park, but something would grip me. Anxiety, intimidation, and self-doubt would tackle me back to bed.

But when I could, I showed up, and they’d still be there, and they wouldn’t judge and eventually, it clicked. I love this group of people. I may not know all of them very well, but I know they’re always there.

They’re a little bit goofy, a little bit weird. They’re ok with looking silly and they believe exercise can and should be fun. They know the power of a high-five and a hug. They care about each other and they care about the community. I have found my people.

Yesterday they honoured me by giving me the Positivity Award, given out each week to someone who embodies the spirit and community of NP. And as the rain poured down hard my friends surrounded me with that final ROAR to end another challenging-but-fun workout.


Illustration of the November Project Vancouver Positivity Award
The award was the subject of my Inktober drawing today because it was just so awesome!



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