Chrysler Building NYC

Half marathon training – week 3

Here’s my training for the week of Monday, October 2.

As much as I fought it, I couldn’t prevent the sore throat from last week from turning into a fully formed cold in time for my trip to NYC. I felt miserable! And while I didn’t let it totally ruin my trip, (except for one of the days where I wish we’d just stayed in our hotel room all day), I only managed to fit in one run.

I’m trying not to let it shatter my confidence too much. People get sick all the time and still go on to run great races. I just may not make my sub 60 goal for tomorrow’s Turkey Trot since I’m still a little sick.

Anyway, enough about that. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Jessica and Graham crossing the Brooklyn Bridge
Taking great selfies while continuing to walk forward is key, and I think I’ve mastered it enough to move to NYC now!

Monday *Arrived in NYC*

Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest (ish), this was travelling day, plus lots of walking when we got there.

Waking distance: 14.03 km

Tuesday *Saw Hamilton! And cried in public 3 times. Once while watching Hamilton, once when I first saw the 9/11 memorial, and once while visiting the Hamilton family grave sites*

Plan: Easy run – 45 min to 1 hr

Actual: [6.5 km] in 41:53 along the Hudson River! ❤ I felt so comfortable running there. Another sign I should live in NYC, yes?

Walking + running distance: 27.12 km

Wednesday *worst day with the cold*

Plan: Rest or cross train

Actual: Walked [18.08 miserable kilometres] in agony. My whole body hurt and I was exhausted. Thank you to my lovely man for carrying my bag and putting up with my miserable ass.

Walking distance: 18.08 km

Thursday *Visited Brooklyn, wish I had more time there*

Plan: Progression run – 50 min to 1 hr

Actual: We’ll say cross training. 😉

Walking distance: 19.83km

Friday *Travelled home*

Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest

Walking distance: 12.73 km


Plan: East 35-45 min

Actual: Rest – I was exhausted from travel and had some drawing to catch up on so I stayed in bed. I’m ok with it.


Plan: Long run – 1hr 20 to 1hr 30

Actual: Rest. I’m moving this run to tomorrow for the Turkey Trot 10k, and I’ll just do a really long warm up.

Total distance (walking and running): 91.79 km

I decided to include my walking distance because it still counts as time on my feet.

My question for you

How do you keep setbacks like illness from shattering your confidence?



  1. Sorry you weren’t feeling so hot while you were here lady but glad you still managed to have a good time 😍. Isn’t Hamilton just like one of the best things ever in your life!? I wish all Americans could see it.
    Good luck on the 10k! x


    • Thank you! Yes, being sick was crappy. I was really looking forward to getting more running done in NYC, but next time! We’re already planning for next time. Hamilton is EVERYTHING! I mean, I knew it was going to be good, but damn! Tears the whole time.

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