Facing east on the Vancouver False Creek Seawall

Half marathon training – week 2

Here’s my training for the week of Monday, September 25th.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I’m trying out a training plan that I got from Strava (available for Strava Premium members). It seems a little conservative right now, and I wish it included more speed work in the first two weeks, but I probably should hold myself back a little. I’m really scared to injure myself again!

I got a cold at the end of the week so I replaced workouts for Netflix and did my best to kill it before my trip.

Next week my training update will be coming to you from The Big Apple! Central Park, and Hamilton, and MoMA, OH MY!


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest


Plan: 40-60 min easy run + strength

Actual: 60 min easy on the treadmill [8.8 km] using the rolling hill setting as prescribed by physio, and glute/core strengthening. Felt great!


Plan: 30-45 mins Cross-train

Actual: November Project [1.8 km] Chunks of burpees broken up by running. I got up to something like 160 burpees, but I lost count a lot. Even still that’s INSANE!


Plan: 40-60 min easy run

Actual: [6.8 km] 50 mins “easy”. What was easy for me on Tuesday was more challenging on Thursday thanks to November Project. Holy crap, was I ever sore today! I also added some upper body weight training since it was the only part of my body not exhausted, or so I thought. When I started lifting I was very easily fatigued. Tomorrow’s cross-training will most definitely be only stretching and foam rolling.


Plan: 40-60 mins cross-train

Actual: Rest


Plan: 30-45 min easy run

Actual: Rest


Plan: 1 – 1:20 hr long run

Actual: Rest

Total distance: 17.4

I’m going to finish packing and hop on a plane, but before I go…

I have a question for you!

What’s one thing I should make sure I see in NYC?

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