Half marathon training – week 1

Here’s my training for the week of Monday, September 18 – Sunday, September 24.

This week I was feeling a bit run down (I did donate blood on Tuesday *pats self on back*), and also super inspired. So my running took a backseat to my health and my art. Thankfully my long runs are still short enough that I can squeeze one in tomorrow before work.

I didn’t take many photos this week either, so here’s a photo of a piece I did not too long ago!

Watercolour painting of a pond in Vancouver
Watercolour painting of a pond in Sutcliffe Park, Vancouver


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest


Plan: 50 mins easy + strength training

Actual: [7.54 km] – Used the hill setting on the treadmill at an easy pace for 50 minutes. Didn’t have time to get the strength training done.

*Donated blood today for the first time ever!*


Plan: November Project

Actual: [2 km at NP] Took it very slow and easy. Giving blood the day before meant I got winded and dizzy very easily. We ran between stations doing burpees, pushups, walking lunges, and bear crawls.

I felt especially sore after this workout and I think it is due to the lower blood volume and something about lactic acid and other science things.


Plan: 50 mins easy + strength training

Actual: Physio –  Still feeling quite sore from November Project yesterday, and at the recommendation of Canadian Blood Services, I’m taking my second post-donation day off from lifting heavy things. I’ll shift it to tomorrow.


Plan: Tempo run + strength training

Actual: Rest (had a bad headache)


Plan: 5k walk (volunteering at Parkrun as the trail walker) + yoga + strength + 50 mins easy

Actual: 5k walk + [4.38k easy hills on the treadmill] + yoga class + walked 3k home. Felt sick in the evening.


Plan: Long run 1.25 hr

Actual: Rest, feeling better but got carried away with drawing and the day got away on me.

Total distance: 18.3 km (ouch)

Hey, I have a question for you!

What’s the other thing that is always trying to steal time away from your running? And how do you make time for both in your life? I love running (and am learning to love crosstraining) but I also really love art and both are so time-consuming that I struggle to make room for both in my life.


    • Hey, Gloria. Congrats on your first half! That’s a huge accomplishment! I hope you had a great race. Yes, it takes some getting used to, running in the dark. I have a head lamp but I feel like a dork wearing it. Gotta suck it up, though. Safety first!


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