Wednesday Wins

Happy Hump Day! I’ve got a lot on my mind, and it’s all good stuff for once! Hence the title Wednesday Wins. I would like to make this a weekly post where I reflect on all of the good things going on with me/around me as a way to remain grateful, and to remember that while there is a lot of bad shit going on in the world, life is still pretty great. Share your wins in the comments!

Next 10k goal – sub 60!

I’ve decided to set a bit of a scary goal for my next 10k, which is in just three weeks. I’m making my first attempt at a sub-60. I got my current PR at the race I ran on Saturday, which was run in 01:02:35. I’m going to incorporate some more focused speed work into my training, but I’ll be helped by a flatter course and probably cooler weather. But I also have something working against me; I’ll be in New York the week leading up to the race, where I won’t be eating the healthiest or getting the most sleep. Of course I’m planning to keep up with my training while I’m there. I’m told NYC is an amazing city to run in, and I can’t wait to find out for myself.

Marathon registration is this week!

Registration for my first marathon opens this Thursday (that’s tomorrow!!). I’m really excited because it’s going to make it really real. I’m nervous because it’s about to get really real…

Should I make a vlog series about my marathon training?

I’m (strongly) considering creating a vlog series to document my marathon training. I’ve played around with video content before and I really liked it! I’m still narrowing down my format/schedule options. I’m torn between daily videos that are raw and minimally edited or weekly (or biweekly) collections of clips from my training between videos. Daily videos seems like more work, but editing takes a long time… Thankfully I have some time to think on that.

What would you like to see from something like that? Or are you even into video content at all? It seems to be taking over, and I can understand why.

I donated blood for the first time ever.

Yesterday, sort of on a dare from one of the November Project co-leaders I donated blood. It was something that I’ve been wanting to do for ages and the push from #NPGivesBack was just what I needed. I won’t go over the details to spare the squeamish, but it really wasn’t all that bad! I just have to take it easy on my workouts for a day or two. I got winded super fast at NP today.

Speaking of November Project, I’m all-in with them.

It’s been several weeks since I first showed up. I haven’t been to every Wednesday since then; every now and then my self-doubt and anxiety kept me at home. Funny enough, I was usually dressed and halfway through my protein coffee before it took hold and kept me at home! Good intentions once again ruined by my brain.

But after today’s workout, it’s safe to say that I am all in. I will be at every workout that I can. Unless I have a really good reason, like traveling to a city that doesn’t have an NP tribe or something. I’m coming for you, NP NYC!

This group of people is so inspiring to me, and I feel like I’ve finally clicked with them deep in my heart. I actually feel like I’m one of them, whereas before now I felt like a guest, a noob, which was all on me. They never treated me as such aside from asking me my name and how long I’ve been coming out because they don’t recognize me.

Now it’s your turn!

Leave a comment telling me about something you’re excited about, something awesome that happened, or a really great workout/run that you had. Let’s get hyped together!

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