10k training update – race week!

It’s race week! Here’s my training update from Monday, September 11 to Sunday, September 17.

It’s not necessary to incorporate too much of a taper for a 10k, but it’s still a good idea not to include too many hard runs in the last week. I took it quite easy on myself and focused on easy runs with good form, strengthening, stretching, and nutrition/hydration.

I tried getting up early and going to the gym before work. I liked it! I’m going to make it a regular thing on Tuesdays and Thursdays going forward. It’s definitely easier to get the equipment I want to use at that early hour which I think will make me much more willing to get that strength training done!

I tried some new shoes this week! I got a great deal on a pair of Brooks Ghost 9s which were on clearance for $65! AND they had my size. It was a miracle I couldn’t say no to. I’d never run in Brooks before this week.

I’m starting to feel like maybe I need more shoe than the more minimal ones I’ve been running in for ages, and the Ghost 9s feel very cushiony without feeling like I’m running with pillows on my feet. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve broken them in. Don’t worry, I’m not wearing them on race day. 😉

Jessica posing at the finish line of the Vancouver Eastside 10k with her finishers' medal.
This was the biggest smile I had the energy for, but I promise I’m way happier than I look.


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest


Plan: Easy run 45 mins on treadmill + strength training (morning at the gym)

Actual: [6.8 km] + butt/core + a little upper body. I tried out my new shoes today! They rub a little in one spot but otherwise feel good.


Plan: November Project

Actual: Yoga + PT. I got up and got dressed for NP but I was feeling some tenderness in my back. I decided for some lower-impact stuff instead just in case.


Plan: Easy run 45 mins on treadmill + strength training (morning at the gym)

Actual: [6.8 km] + booty/core strengthening (and a physio appointment). The treadmill run felt awesome once I was warmed up and gave me a real confidence boost for race day!


Plan: Light strength training or yoga

Actual: Rest I guess. I did do more walking than usual as I had to go pick up my race packet.

Saturday *RACE DAY*

Plan: 10k *Vancouver Eastside 10k*

Actual: [10.05 km in 01:02:36] My goal was under 1:05!! + 2.38 km warm-up

Read my race recap.


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest! With a bit of walking to get groceries.

Total distance: 26.03

Hey, I have a question for you!

What’s your favourite power song to run to?



  1. Woohoo on meeting your goal and then some!! Also, so awesome you are getting that strength training in. I’ve been consistent at forcing myself to do the same on tuesdays and thursdays and even though it’s tough sometimes as the mileage for those days increases, I think my commitment to it is paying off. I’ve had no injuries and minimal soreness, really feeling strong out there. Again, way to go on that awesome 10k 💪🏽💪🏽. x


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