Kitsilano beach with sailboats on the water.

10k training update – week 9

Here’s my training from last week, Monday, September 4 to Sunday, September 10.

This is technically the end of my 10k training plan and the beginning of my half marathon training plan, even though I haven’t run my 10k race yet. The training plans overlapped by two weeks, so I decided to change my mindset to focus on the half instead.

This wasn’t a great week of training. I didn’t stick to my plan and I didn’t eat well, which left me feeling horrible on Thursday with a headache and a stomach ache that was so painful it was hard to breathe.

But you know what? I’m not going to beat myself up over it. We’ll call it a cutback week and carry on next week like it didn’t happen, okay?

Woman holds a water balloon laughing
Water balloon fight at November Project. Photo credit: November Project Vancouver


Plan: Rest

Actual: 11km walk (very leisurely) around Stanley Park to take reference photos for my paintings. It was a lot of walking but I’ll still count it as rest.


Plan: Strength training

Actual: Rest


Plan: November Project

Actual: NP: [2.8 km] Core and cardio and a water balloon fight!


Plan: Easy run + strength

Actual: Rest (terrible stomach ache from terrible diet choices)


Plan: 5k with Fraser Street Run Club

Actual: Rest


Plan: 5k with Parkrun

Actual: 5.07k in 30:04. So close to sub-30!


Plan: Long run: 10 min warm-up + 40 min easy pace + 5 min brisk walk + 40 min easy pace + cool-down

Actual: 13.6k and my legs are absolutely toast! I’ll be in bed the rest of the day and that’s fine by me. 🙂

Total distance: 21.47

Post-Parkrun on Saturday. It was my first rainy run of the season, and it turns out my new “waterproof” shell is super not waterproof!


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