Bloedel Conservatory dome

10k training update – week 8

Here’s my training from last week, Monday, August 28 to Sunday, September 3.

Less than two weeks until my 10k race! I was on vacation this week so I allowed myself a little more rest, and this post will be short and sweet as a result.

Also, I’ve realized that the tables on my training update posts are not showing up nicely, even though I see a nicely laid out table when I’m writing them. I’m going to go through and update those posts next week to reformat the way I record my training in a way that is viewable on more versions of my site. Sorry it took me so long to notice!

But for now, I’m off to enjoy the last couple of days of my vacation. Have a great long weekend!

A group of people exercising outside of the Bloedel Conservatory.
Henry just pushed me through my last set of burpees. Photo credit: November Project YVR
Group of people doing squats outside.
Hold that squat! I’m in the back all in black. Photo credit: November Project YVR.
Girl takes a selfie mid-run on the False Creek Seawall facing east.
Pausing the run because I actually can’t believe how awesome my running route is.
Girl with a red face after running on a hot day.
Proud tomato face after crushing my long run in nearly 30-degree heat.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: November Project | 2.9 km – PR day! This was hard. Running hills and burpees. I was SORE.

Thursday: Strength training + easy run | 5.5 km + body weight stuff at home.

Friday: Fraser Street Run Club | 5.4 km They are SO FAST! I forced myself to keep up but I probably should have let myself fall back to my own pace. I didn’t sleep well after that run at all.

Saturday: Rest | I skipped Parkrun due to not sleeping at all the night before. I was bummed!

Sunday: Long run | 9 km It was sooooo hot! I was glad I got it done though.

Total distance: 22.8 km

Until next time, finish your coffee and go run!


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