10k training update – week 7

Here’s my training from last week, Monday, August 21 to Sunday, August 27. This week I cancelled two of my three of my social workouts. When I woke up to go to Nevember Project I found myself inspired to make art, and since I’d been working through a pretty long art block I felt I needed to take advantage of that. On Friday I was supposed to run with the Fraser Street Run Club but when the time came I wasn’t feeling well. I’m pretty sure that one was all in my head, but I did use that time to keep working on a piece I was working on.

I got a PR at Parkrun this week, and I’m just over a minute away from a sub-30 5k!


Body weight stuff at home. I didn’t really put much effort into it.

Easy run

5 km: Easy run following the Gallery Alley route so I could enjoy the murals again.

November Project yoga at home (Yoga with Adriene)

I woke up in time but decided that I wanted to take my workout to the gym to have more control over what my workout would be.  *Is my introversion sabotaging my social workouts???*

Strength + easy treadmill

4.8 km: This was a great workout! I did a lot of arm and core stuff.


Was supposed to run with FSRC…

70 mins easy @ Parkrun

10.66 km: This run was awesome! I went out to Richmond early so I could finish the first half of my planned run before Parkrun started. I ran somewhere new and saw FIVE bunnies! I also got two waves from other runners. I’m definitely doing that again next week. I got a Parkrun PR! 31:08 for a 5k.


10k training week 7


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Total distance: 20.46 km

Until next time, finish your coffee and go run!

Jess poses in front of mural in Vancouver
Sweaty selfie in front of one of my favourite murals in Gallery Alley
Two rabbits on the side of the road next to a sign that says reduce speed
Reduce speed for bunnies!!
Women running a race.
I swear I’m having fun here! I’m rocking out to Hamilton, but not actually singing. Just gasping for air!

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