10k training update – week 5

Here’s my training from last week, Monday, August 7 to Sunday, August 13. This was a great week! I tried some new workouts and crushed a big goal. I’m thoroughly enjoying some rest today.

Jessica jumps in front of a colourful mural
Being a dork in front of a mural

10k training week 5


Hill repeats 6.47 km: My knees finally felt ok enough to try some hills. I love hills. No really! I’m not being sarcastic. Nothing beats passing people on hills in a race. 😀


Physio + Weights I talked to Katie about my physio appointment and we worked on my ankle flexibility along with some regular strength training.


Intervals Rest (stretch + foam rolling) My legs were really fatigued from training yesterday with Katie so I spent time with my yoga mat and foam roller instead!


Weights + easy run (treadmill) 4.12 km: Second-to-last training session with Katie. She’s pushed me so far and I’ve seen great progress. Going to miss working with her!


November Project I went! This was a huge goal and step outside of my comfort zone. I wrote a whole post about my first NP workout.


40 mins easy 6.38 km: I ended up doing two 30-minute runs commuting to and from the SeaWheeze half marathon to help at the 5k hydration station?


Rest Foam rolling, of course!

Total distance: 16.97 km (I probably ran closer to 19 km but I didn’t track all of the running I did on Friday with November Project.)

Jessica selfie with people working out in the background at sunrise
All aboard the lunge train at November Project

Until next time, finish your coffee and go run!

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