Vancouver skyline from the Stanley Park seawall

Sucking it up and seeing a physiotherapist

2015 was my last “good” running year. I injured my foot early in 2016 and I after taking a few months off for that, I just never really came back from it.

Two years and at least 10 pounds of weight gain later, I was sick of feeling sluggish and lazy. Not wanting to end up injured again, I decided to finally make strength training a priority. Well, a lot of good that did me, because I only ended up injured again!

I did the stupid thing and blindly followed the Kayla Istines training plan which I later found out called for more reps than my wimpy body was ready for, and even though it claimed to be good for beginners I ended up with pain in both of my knees. 😥 Don’t be like me, friends! Always do your research.

I decided to pay for professional help and got a personal trainer. I probably should have gone to the doctor or a physiotherapist first, but I was worried about what most runners or amateur athletes are worried about, the dreaded “stop running” prescription. I knew a personal trainer would focus on training through it to heal it.

I lucked out and my gym placed me with a personal trainer who has a physio background from Australia. Katie is working as a personal trainer while she gets certified in Canada to practice physiotherapy. While not legally allowed to officially diagnose me, she thinks I have bursitis in both of my knees. She gave me a training plan that would hopefully put less strain on my knees while strengthening my glutes and hamstrings which are way weaker than I had led myself to believe. Along with that, she prescribed some stretches to do daily and daily foam rolling.

I’ve been working with her for almost two months and I’m not seeing any real improvement. I do see improvement, but it comes in waves. Better, worse, better, worse, really good, back to square one. It’s been incredibly frustrating!

I finally decided to get a second opinion (well, the first opinion really) and made an appointment to see a physiotherapist. Since deciding to train for the 2018 Vancouver marathon, I’ve realized that I really need to take care of my body and take it seriously by not ignoring my pain. I’m lucky that the pain is not preventing me from running; I don’t really feel the pain when I run at all, but it does hurt when I do lower body strength training workouts which I have to do to train strong this winter. I’m anxious before every workout or run because I’m terrified of making it worse.

I have my first physio appointment this afternoon before my training session with Katie at the gym. I’m a bit nervous having never gone to a physiotherapist, but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, in case anyone out there wants to know what the first appointment is like. Wish me luck!

Until next time, finish your coffee and go run!


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