Public art on a fence in Vancouver that says "let's be thankful".

10k training update – week 4

Here’s my training from last week, Monday, July 31 to Sunday, August 6.

It’s been a smoky week here in Vancouver, so most of my training was done at the gym. That got old pretty quick so here’s hoping that it clears up soon! I was very thankful to be outside for my last run of the week.

I had gone for a bike ride last Saturday when I was planning to do my long run, but the bike ride made my knees angry so I put off the long run until they felt better. That meant two long runs this week, but my long runs aren’t especially long right now so I wasn’t worried about it. I just kept them really easy.

10k training week 4


Long run – 40 mins 5.5 km: Didn’t get to it last weekend. It was hot and slow.


Weights My personal trainer is on vacation but I still managed to push myself, which is promising for when our sessions are finished!


Tempo 4.5 km: Tempo intervals on the treadmill because it was hot and smoky in Vancouver!


Yoga  I needed an active recovery day so I moved my weight training to tomorrow.


Weights + 30 min easy  Was feeling really meh. Treadmill run was fine. Phoned it in on the weights.


30 min long run  4.1 km: Easy peasy, even in the smoky air! Super fun, and thankful to be outside.


Rest Vancouver Pride Parade! So there was some walking.

Total distance: 19.26 km

I may have ended my Saturday run a wee bit early (only 10 seconds) because someone offered me a popsicle and a picture of myself. 😉

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Until next time, finish your coffee and go run!


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